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Employee Engagement

is the difference between

have to & want to

We are all capable of incredible things, but we have to want to achieve them and be willing to give our all. In businesses throughout the country people are saving the best of themselves for the things they care about. What do you imagine could happen to your organisation if work was something your employees really care about?

Employee Engagement

Our business is about helping you to use your people more effectively. From developing trust and creating ownership to management and leadership training. We create positive frameworks to enable your people, and in turn, your business to flourish.

Increasing Productivity

The goal is always to get the very best from your staff and managers, but to achieve that goal every person, department and company may need a different approach.

1. Understand

Employee engagement data is only as good as the questions being asked. Find out how your colleagues really feel at work and the issues getting in the way of improved productivity.

2. Identify

Using that information, we can identify the obstacles to engagement, finding the issues that really impact performance.

3. Act

Together, we create a plan to address those issues with our range of services, whether it’s coaching, operational changes or a tool to alter approaches to decision making.

Amrit gets to the heart of a company to understand the issues and push it forward. Totally supportive and personable, his calming, yet firm, manner make him a dream to work with.

I would recommend Amrit to any organisation.

Sharon Ashcroft

Group HR Director, TrustFord

We engaged with The Engagement Coach to help us understand our levels of employee engagement. The insight brought out from our staff really captured, in great detail, what the employees felt working at Bupa.

Frankly, I don’t think we’d have uncovered the depth and the insight that we have got without The Engagement Coach.

Will Guy

strategic business partner care services, bupa

The first time I met with Amrit, I was immediately impressed with his enthusiasm and energy - he quickly became part of the team rather than a consultant.

I would totally recommend working with Amrit. If you’re looking for someone who is credible, pragmatic, enthusiastic and will absolutely get under the skin of the business, then Amrit is the person to choose.

Alison Milton

Head of HR, Transport Systems Catapult
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TruWA - The Thinking Behind The Success.

Trust. Wisdom. Authenticity. Three simple words, one very powerful suite of people centric services and courses designed to elicit successful productivity from your workforce. It’s employee engagement, but not as any company has ever delivered it before. It’s TruWA.

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Did you miss our first Engagement Forum?

On the 19th September, we hosted our first Engagement Forum. Thank you to our guest speakers and to all of our delegates. If you weren't able to join us, visit our event re-cap page where you can download copies of the presentations, browse the photo gallery and watch videos from the event. 

This event was just the start of our programme of activities we have planned, which we can’t wait to tell you more about over the forthcoming weeks. 

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