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Meet katie Runs a busy department

About the engagement coach

Most people think a business is the product or service it supplies. Google is a search engine. Barclays is a bank. At the Engagement Coach, we don’t think so. We believe that a business is people coming together to make something happen. 

The bank or the search engine are just the results of the hard work, dedication and expertise of those people. You don’t work FOR the ARE the business.

The Engagement Coach understand that people who care succeed. It’s not talent that makes us achieve great things, it’s passion. The role of a manager is to inspire those around her to care enough to give their very best. You cannot demand greatness, you must earn it.
When you care about what you're doing you can't help but put your all into it. See what you can do when you believe in your work!

Meet the Team

Amrit Sandhar

Founder/ C.E.O.

Amrit started a career as a qualified Pharmacist, working for major UK chains such as Boots, Superdrug and Alliance Pharmacy. During a career spanning over 19 years, Amrit worked within many senior operational roles, concluding in overseeing half of the UK’s Pharmacy and Optical units for Walmart’s UK operation, Asda.

Amrit went on to head up Employee Engagement for Asda, before taking up a role with the prestigious Sunday Times Best Companies organisation, helping organisations improve their employee engagement.

Nicola Newton

Client Director

Nicola has worked in employee engagement for 6 years starting her career in the industry at Best Companies (the name behind The Sunday Times Top 100 Companies to work for lists).  Working with organisations in various sectors throughout the UK and also globally, Nicola's experience includes building and maintaining relationships with clients, facilitating manager level workshops, and helping organisations to understand and improve employee engagement within the workplace.

Professor Richard Crisp

Chartered Psychologist

Richard is an award-winning scientist, writer and educator in the field of social psychology. His research focuses on the power of social influence, and how we can harness this power to achieve lasting and effective behaviour change. 

Richard is also an elected Fellow of the British Psychological Society, Academy of Social Sciences, and Association for Psychological Science. Richard has blogged for the New York-based magazine Psychology Today and is currently Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Applied Social Psychology.

Nathan Dring

Leadership Development Specialist

Nathan Dring has worked in Learning and Development for over 15 years within retail, sales, theatre and SME businesses. Wherever he has worked, he has transformed both the output of, and the perception of the L&D function, ensuring it is part of the decision making and strategy setting, not simply reacting to it. He is energised by helping people realise their full potential both in the companies he has been part of, and in the charity work that he does. He loves to think creatively and bring the ideas he's used in theatre and education, to learning and development in business. Having chaired and led Executive teams, Nathan has seen first-hand, the gap that can open up when L&D does not speak the language of the board room, and is determined to help businesses make sure this doesn't happen to them...thereby placing L&D in the centre of strategy, planning and organisational change.

Nathan has 2 young children and so a huge amount of his time seems to be spent tidying up after them, but when he can, he enjoys live theatre, music, festivals and going to the cinema.

Meredith Evans

Internal Comms specialist

With over 20 years of experience delivering in the internal communications and events industry, Meredith has enjoyed supporting some of the world's largest brands.

His keen interest in stand-up comedy and cinema means that, even when relaxing, he's a keen student of what it takes to entertain an audience.

Thomas Giles

International Engagement Specialist

Tom Giles has worked for over 25 years with teams across the globe, helping them define, implement and assess organisational initiatives that drive employee engagement and deliver significant business results.

A workplace trust evangelist, Tom brings a pragmatic and experienced approach to his consulting engagements, to help leaders and teams unlock their potential, and achieve collective success.

Kam Sandhar

Operations Manager

Kam is our Support Manager, working behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly. She has worked in Sales and Customer Service roles for the last 20 years, from working in Telesales, to being a Sales Manager to working as a Recruitment Consultant. She has a wealth of experience, and she also has a degree in Sociology too.

She loves to read and go to the theatre so seeing a good Shakespeare production is always sure to make her happy!

Meg Goodwin

Leadership Development Specialist

For the past 17 years Meg Goodwin has worked in partnership with key stakeholders to deliver effective, sustainable, energising change across different organisations including automotive, engineering, technology & higher education. She designs, develops & delivers innovative, thought-provoking activities capitalising on her passion for learning & applying new thinking to achieve emotional engagement during times of transformational change. 

Meg has 20+years’ commercial background working in the UK & Europe with a particular focus on marketing, reputation-building, branding & corporate communications (including video design & production).

Craig Spivey

Creative Director

As a design and advertising creative director for over 20 years, Craig Spivey has brought his energy, smart thinking and executional flair to broad range of sectors across a wide variety of projects. Particularly skilled at colleague engagement, he’s won a number of prestigious awards, including Institute of Internal Communications accolades for his work with Barclaycard.

It’s all well and good talking about the need for passion, but how do we actually go about achieving it?
A lifetime working with companies big and small