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Archive: May 2015

Engaging Leaders? Article posted 26th May 2015

Try searching for ‘Employee Engagement’ in Google. You will get over 23 million hits. Everyone seems to be talking about employee engagement. According to the Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report 2015, employee engagement and retention...

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Wisdom…really? Article posted 22nd May 2015

If you have read Nancy Klein’s work on Time to Think, you will know the importance placed on taking time out to make informed decisions, taking into account many more aspects than you might have originally done so. When I was an Area Manager, I had...

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Know it all? Article posted 17th May 2015

When we get our first ‘management’ role, there is a huge amount of pressure to ensure we ‘live’ up to expectations. This can result in putting a vast amount of pressure upon ourselves, so much so, that we don’t even recognise...

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