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Category: Engagement News

No time for Learning Article posted 15th Aug 2017

In a world where our perceived value can be largely driven by our visibility in the office, the number of hours we are working, or from the number of meetings we attend, is it any wonder that productivity is suffering? The frustration for many employees...

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Going Full Circle: Why Great Customer Service Starts at Home Article posted 12th Jul 2017

So you want your company to offer the very best customer service? Some new thinking from the field of social psychology is suggesting something quite radical: Stop thinking about customers as customers, and start thinking of them as part of your...

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Get the Balance Right: Finding the “Sweet Spot” Between Ownership and Inclusion Article posted 19th May 2017

The field of social psychology provides some fantastic insights in to teambuilding; insights that, properly applied, could make all the difference in attempts to enhance employee engagement. One seemingly counterintuitive tip comes from research on...

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Changing tyres? Article posted 19th Apr 2017

Have you ever had to change a tyre manually? Hard work, isn’t it? Although we’ve all got tools to change a tyre in the boot of the car, how much effort do we need to put in to achieve this? I’m no expert myself, but I suspect that within...

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How do we stay switched on at work? Article posted 2nd Mar 2017

I’ve been to a number of conferences recently where there is more talk of the impending doom that the digital world is going to bring to us. No doubt you will have read about the recent articles sharing how any role or job that involves repetition...

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The whole truth and nothing but the truth… Article posted 1st Feb 2017

Employee engagement isn’t as simple as it sounds. Yes, this usually involves a survey. Yes of course it’s confidential and you can tell us anything you want, because we really want to know what you think, so we can make a positive difference...

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