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Hopes and Fears

Article posted 11th Dec 2018Engagement News

As we draw this year to a close, I can’t help but look back and feel the need to make sense of the year. We’ve had changes in the global alliances that have been in place for decades. We’ve seen the UK, planning its direction for Brexit with turmoil and uncertainty about what type of Brexit we need. We’ve seen more experts warning about human civilisation being on the brink of the point of no return with regards to the impact of climate change, and we’ve seen evidence of rising global temperatures and the impact on the weather systems. 2018 will be a year we will look back and remember for the uncertainty it has heralded in so many ways.

Uncertainty brings fear. Fear is a very powerful emotion which can lead to action – whether it’s a reaction to something, or action to prevent or change something – but action either way. History has shown us how fear has been used to carry out unimaginable atrocities that humankind can never forget. Emotions are powerful motivators leading to action, be they hope, fear, joy or sadness. This time of the year can be an emotional time for many of us as we reflect on the past…

I suppose like me, many of you will be thinking about the year ahead, as you spend time with your loved ones over this festive period. We look forward to the new year with renewed hope. Hope, just like fear is a powerful emotion. Hope means there’s a chance for something good to happen. Despite the chaos of this year, the world has recently celebrated 100 years of the first Armistice of World War 1, where the world began to hope that after such terrible destruction, peace was possible.  Only last week, I came across a report about how the very coal pits that caused climate change through the impact of burning coal, contain rocks that capture carbon dioxide, which is now providing hope of a new way of reducing the impact of carbon emissions.

Whilst the things I share here refer to global politics or environmental issues that can cause us to fear, at a much more local level, we can feel like our lives are also undergoing huge changes that can lead to fears and subsequent reactions. But hope can also lead to action or a reaction. As leaders and managers, responsible for the experience of colleagues at work, we have the chance to make the difference, where we can provide certainty in a constantly-changing environment. The stability of how people are treated, with dignity, respect and valued for their contribution, can make a huge difference during change (as well as every day!). Each of us are dealing with our own changes, in this climate of global political uncertainty. Whilst change can lead to fear and uncertainty, there is always hope. Hope that things can be better and hope that each year is better than the last. Let’s make 2019 an amazing year for us all, driven by hope, allowing us to make meaningful actions that positively impact on everyone around us…


Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

Posted by Amrit Sandhar

Amrit Sandhar is the founder of The Engagement Coach. He started a career in healthcare as a qualified Pharmacist, where he went on to oversee half of the UK’s Pharmacy and Optical units for Walmart’s UK operation, Asda. Having successfully worked in the healthcare sector, Amrit went on to head up Employee Engagement for Asda, before taking up a role with the prestigious Sunday Times Best Companies organisation, working at boardroom level, helping organisations improve their employee engagement. Amrit is a qualified executive coach with an Advanced Certificate in Leadership and Executive Coaching with the Bristol Business School (ILM level 7 qualified in Executive Coaching & Leadership Mentoring). He is also a Walmart accredited AIM change trainer, Strengthscope accredited consultant, NLP Master Practitioner and has a CIPD Advanced Diploma (Level 7) in HRM/HRD.