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My Responses are Limited...

Article posted 10th Oct 2016Engagement News

I’m sure many people have watched the Will Smith film, I Robot. Not seeing much to watch on TV, I decided to watch this again. It’s interesting what you ‘see’ when you are seeing things again at a different time. I must admit, I have seen this film a number of times and I’ve enjoyed it every time.

Whilst watching the film, something dawned on me, within the storyline of the film. Will Smith’s role (Detective Spooner) has to find the ‘bread crumbs’ – clues, to what happened leading to the death of his friend Dr Alfred Lanning, an eminent scientist in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Prior to his death, Dr Lanning created Interactive hologram messages that would provide Detective Spooner with vital information.

As Will Smith is trying to piece together all of the information, he asks the hologram questions. The response comes back ‘I’m sorry, my responses are limited, you must ask the right questions’. It takes a while for Will Smith to understand what the ‘right questions’ are.

In my field of Employee Engagement, I was immediately struck by this phrase – when responses are limited, ‘You must ask the right questions’.

With millions being spent on employee engagement surveys each year, our focus can turn to benchmarking survey results, by choosing surveys that ask the same questions as every other organisation. Yet to truly know which are the right questions for your organisation, you need to know what’s on the minds of your colleagues, you need to have an idea of the areas that concern them most – the areas that would truly unlock the passion of your organisation.

Whilst surveys provide us with some information, getting the ‘full picture’ of how colleagues feel, will then help you ask more of the ‘right questions’, allowing you to implement actions that will really make the difference for your teams and ultimately for your organisation's productivity.

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