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The Distance Between Us Article posted 23rd Aug 2017

I’ve been a social psychologist for over 20 years, and it has been a fascinating journey. I’ve delved deep in to the human psyche, investigated what makes us ‘us’, what drives our hopes and fears, what makes us love and hate. This...

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No time for Learning Article posted 15th Aug 2017

In a world where our perceived value can be largely driven by our visibility in the office, the number of hours we are working, or from the number of meetings we attend, is it any wonder that productivity is suffering? The frustration for many employees...

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Going Full Circle: Why Great Customer Service Starts at Home Article posted 12th Jul 2017

So you want your company to offer the very best customer service? Some new thinking from the field of social psychology is suggesting something quite radical: Stop thinking about customers as customers, and start thinking of them as part of your...

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Get the Balance Right: Finding the “Sweet Spot” Between Ownership and Inclusion Article posted 19th May 2017

The field of social psychology provides some fantastic insights in to teambuilding; insights that, properly applied, could make all the difference in attempts to enhance employee engagement. One seemingly counterintuitive tip comes from research on...

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Changing tyres? Article posted 19th Apr 2017

Have you ever had to change a tyre manually? Hard work, isn’t it? Although we’ve all got tools to change a tyre in the boot of the car, how much effort do we need to put in to achieve this? I’m no expert myself, but I suspect that within...

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We're 2 years old! Article posted 13th Apr 2017

On the 13th April 2015, The Engagement Coach began trading for the first time. Whilst the initial days were daunting, we have had the pleasure of working with some fantastic HR Directors and CEOs of some amazing brands. All of this has been achieved...

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