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Facing the Future Article posted 5th Apr 2016

How many times do Google or Facebook get mentioned when employee engagement specialists get together to talk about best practices? There is a cynical view that whilst these organisations are very successful, they are like Marmite (or Vegemite depending...

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The Clock is Ticking... Article posted 11th Nov 2015

So the survey results are out! What’s the initial reaction? Shock? Confusion? Delight? Of course we all want colleagues to be highly engaged. The question is how are we achieving this? No doubt your engagement data will look highly complex and may...

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Serious About People? Article posted 15th Sep 2015

So it’s that time of the year again. The annual employee engagement survey, aimed to find out how colleagues really feel about working in your organisation. You want to know year-on-year changes to engagement, so you cannot change too many...

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Leadership lessons from a Gardener Article posted 4th Aug 2015

I was in London recently and there close to Canary Wharf, was a little sanctuary at Westferry Circus. I had arrived two hours early for a business meeting, so I decided to get a fruit juice, sit on the park bench and take some time out in the beautiful...

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Show me the Passion! Article posted 7th Jul 2015

Human beings are purpose driven creatures. Whilst we work for money, we would rather carry out jobs that add value and meaning. We save our passion for the things we truly love such as running at the weekend, or following your best football team. Passion...

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Engagement…another fad? Article posted 2nd Jun 2015

Recently, there has been more and more scrutiny over whether employee engagement is a fad, that actually doesn’t deliver any business benefit other than make employees feel good. Whilst having employees feeling good might be a nice thing, converting...

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