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Show me the Passion!

Article posted 7th Jul 2015Engagement News

Human beings are purpose driven creatures. Whilst we work for money, we would rather carry out jobs that add value and meaning. We save our passion for the things we truly love such as running at the weekend, or following your best football team. Passion is an emotion. What causes us to feel passion? Have you ever met anyone who had passion? At university, I once had to undertake an elective. The subject matter had nothing to do with my core degree. I was taking it to complete enough credits. I didn’t want to be there and I just had to do the bare minimum to get through it. Then, a surprise; a lecturer who had an absolute passion in this subject appeared. His eyes would dance every time he lectured about his favourite subject in the world (really!). There was an excitement that you just felt oozing out of him for this subject matter. He was genuinely like a kid in a sweet shop. He was so excited to share his passion with us that I remember thinking ‘Are you joking? How could anyone be excited about this stuff?’. But the more I attended these lectures, strangely, the more excited I felt. This passion was almost contagious - and for a subject I didn’t care about! Whilst I was never going to go on and study that subject matter, (I got my Pharmacy degree and went about developing my career), I often wonder whether that lecturer is still exciting audiences through his passion in that subject.

I wonder how often we go to work, with little passion for the work, saving our passion for what we really like. What would happen at your work if your manager was genuinely excited about the work to be carried out? You might run out of the building thinking your manager has just lost the plot, but think about it. Does your manager get genuinely excited about the work you are collectively achieving? Are you a manager of people? How much passion do you have towards your work? How can we expect our colleagues to be ‘engaged’ when we lack the passion to engage? If work feels like a chore to you and you manage people, guess what, they are feeling your love. And if things are getting in the way of your passion, identify and highlight them so they can be dealt with. I appreciate I am making this sound easier than the reality might be, but isn’t that in itself worth fighting for? People have done and continue to do amazing things when they follow their passion. Unleash your workplaces’ greatest potential and find out what you can do to help your colleagues to develop passion for their work. After all, imagine what your workplace could look like…isn’t that worth focusing time and effort on?

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