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How we can help

Every organisation is unique, with its own unique culture, ways of working and the challenges it faces in its sector. Here at The Engagement Coach we understand that what works for one organisation is not necessarily going to work for another. That’s why we believe it’s so important to understand your culture, analyse your people data to help you understand how your colleagues truly feel, and identify the issues getting in the way of making yours the best business it can be.

But we don’t just leave it there.

Our team will support your leaders to address the issues, so you’re taking the right actions for sustainable employee engagement. We aren’t into ticking boxes and we are sure you’re not too. Our data-driven, human-focused ways of improving engagement and productivity has worked for lots of companies.

We help you create engaging cultures

  • A culture that attracts and retains the best talent
  • Leaders demonstrating the organisation’s values through their actions
  • Energised teams, clear of the organisation’s purpose and proud of the work they do
  • Ownership and accountability at every level
  • Clarity of team goals and team roles
  • Alignment to the strategy throughout the organisation removing siloed working
  • Strategic leaders inspiring teams in achieving the organisational vision
  • Achieve transformational employee engagement, rather than incremental improvements

Our 3 Step Process

Developing a programme for your organisation needs more than just a tick-box approach. At the Engagement Coach we have a 3 step process that enables us to create a bespoke programme that addresses the unique issues within your company, and the strategies to improve them.

Step One


The first step is always the most important - how can you solve a problem without understanding what it is and why it’s happening?

Many organisations carry out employee engagement surveys, but who says that the questions you are asking your employees are the issues on their minds? Being restricted to what you can say means data being received from surveys may not be providing you with the whole picture of what’s going on in the organisation.

As a result, we’ve developed our Cultural Diagnostic. Using our scientific approach, we gather qualitative and quantitative data to truly understand what it’s like to work in your organisation and the key issues to focus on to improve your employee engagement.

Step Two


Sometimes, identifying the key issue to focus on can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Using data from across the organisation, combined with our knowledge and experience to get to the heart of the issue, we will identify the story of what’s going on in your organisation, allowing you to act with confidence.

Step three


Using a holistic view of your data, we paint a rich picture allowing you to act with confidence on the issues that really matter.

Whether its solving operational issues, developing your purpose, principles & ambition, creating bespoke learning solutions for your leaders or managers, improving your company culture, or coaching, we’ve got a solution to help you make the improvements needed to unlock your organisation’s full potential.

Unsure of your Issues?

Tired of surveys only providing you with half the picture, making it difficult to carry out meaningful action? You’re not alone. That’s why we created our unique Cultural Diagnostic.

Cultural Diagnostic

Getting to the heart of the issue

We use our unique methodology to target key groups within your organisation, and then apply our scientific approach to undertake highly qualitative and quantitative methods, to truly understand what it’s like to work in your organisation. Our approach means we don’t need huge sample sizes, but gain maximum feedback, allowing you to act with confidence to identify and address key issues.

Engagement starts with great leadership

Worldwide research has shown that leaders and managers are the most highly correlating factor to employee engagement, therefore creating engaging leaders must be a critical focus. As a result, we have developed the following leadership development programmes, that incorporate neuroscience, psychology and expertise in employee engagement to drive real behavioural change.

Leadership Development

In good company

Online learning? Blended learning? Whatever format works for you, we can help. We’ve created a 10-part TV drama series written by a BAFTA nominated screenwriter. Follow the story of four characters in our fictitious company, the characters might be fictional but the science is real. We've included expert analysis from an eminent behavioural psychologist to comment on the action, taking learning to a whole new level.

Leadership Development

The Strategic leader

If we’re not moving forward, we’re standing still. It’s easy for an organisation to lose momentum and motivation, so a leader with a strategy and a plan can help everyone progress. A Strategic Leader has clearly identified goals, and engages their team to reach for and achieve them, and this of course helps you develop Strategic Leaders to help your company grow and improve.


Contact us today if you want to know more about how we can help.