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How We Can Help

Every individual, department and company has a different outlook, culture and strengths in the workplace. At The Engagement Coach, we know that one training style does not fit all. 

By understanding how you work and identifying the issues that are barriers to your growth as a team, manager or organisation, we can set out a plan to address and overcome those issues, unlocking your true potential.

This plan can be based in training and coaching, it can be through changing operational styles or structures, it can be about coming together as a team to identify clear goals and objectives, and it can even be something as small and simple as having a method to help you make better decisions

Leadership Development

Gone are the days where leaders have all the answers. Creating cultures at every level that nurture learning and involvement, will help an organisation better respond to the environment and improve overall productivity.

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Management Development

Taking time out to think might be viewed as a luxury, but it’s essential, to get the best out of yourself and your team. Enabling Managers to be their best and ensure their team is at its best, will ensure the organisation is at its best.

Strategic Clarity

Every organisation needs to know it is more than just a list of processes. When you define your Purpose, Principles and Ambition, not only do you discover what your organisation is passionate about, but also the part everyone plays to deliver it, energising everyone.

Culture Development

We take the guesswork out of understanding your culture. By going beyond annual surveys, we’ll show you the impact of change on your business, allowing you to take truly meaningful action towards sustainable employee engagement.

Operational Improvement

Unintended consequences of change can derail the slickest of operations. Understanding the issues from colleagues’ perspective, allows leaders to make changes where they are needed most, leading to improvements in morale and productivity.

Coaching & Mentoring

What’s getting in the way of your best performance? By becoming your thinking partner, we join you on your journey and work together to ensure ‘success’ is within your grasp, shining a spotlight on areas of focus

Engagement Survey Development

We know surveys provide good insights, but they’re only as good as the questions being asked. What’s important to your colleagues? We help identify the questions colleagues want to be asked about, leading to insights that really make a difference.

TruWA Leadership Development

Trust, Wisdom and Authenticity, the cornerstones of amazing organisations. Well, we think so. Helping leaders develop these skills will create improved engagement, better ways of working and allow the organisation to truly flourish.

A new approach to Leadership Development

Take your leaders and managers on a unique development journey to address the key issues that are faced by company executives everywhere: improving productivity, talent and customer service.

Delivered through a combination of online and face to face sessions, our ground-breaking new programme, In Good Company, brings a completely new approach to leadership development - one where the learning will stick.

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Want to find out more about TruWA™ and how to be a positive Leader within your organisation? The Engagement Coach can help you unlock the drive and passion of your team to build a successful future for your business.