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Leadership Development

We spend so much of our lives working, but are we really getting the most out of that time?

So often we focus on hours logged instead of how productive those hours were, but it takes a leader, manager or staff member who’s really engaged to get the most out of their time at work.

When your managers are working smarter, you’re getting more done, you’re making your customers more satisfied, and you’re keeping your staff happier.

Worldwide research suggests that leaders and managers have a huge impact on employee engagement, indeed they are critical to how colleagues feel.

Working at an organisational level means that your resources are spread more thinly, so it’s little wonder that traditional engagement techniques result in small gains. However, by focusing our attention on leaders and managers, we have a greater chance of creating transformational engagement.

Creating Engaging leaders

Managers and leaders who can inspire, engage and develop their teams keep your employees happier, your customers more satisfied and your productivity sky high. Using our knowledge of neuroscience, psychology and expertise in employee engagement, we set about building unique ground-breaking leadership development programmes to develop more engaging leaders and managers.

In Good Company Online

This 10 part TV drama series is written by a BAFTA nominated screenwriter, and follows the story of fictional company Emerson Software Solutions. Each episode addresses different scenarios within the company, with analysis and review by an eminent Behavioural Psychologist, with assessments for you to complete at the end of each episode.

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In Good Company Blended

As well as our TV drama series, this course includes three face to face sessions with one of our dedicated Engagement Coaches. Placed at pivotal stages of the series, these sessions help you apply your learning to your real-life role.

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The Strategic Leader

Purpose, values, ambition and engagement. How do these tie together to create a truly inspired organisation, with clear objectives, ownership and accountability? Our Strategic Leader programme has been designed to help leaders and managers to understand the impact they have on their organisation, and the difference they can make to improving performance.

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Bespoke Leadership Development

There is no limit to how we can help you with regards to bespoke learning, whether it’s the creation of your own in-house online drama series bringing your unique challenges to life, to the creation of a 6-12 month face-to-face programme, addressing concerns of accountability, well-being or any other areas of focus unique to your organisation. Our data-driven approach means we’ll work with you to create a programme bespoke to your organisation, in a format that suits you, delivered in a flexible rollout that supports your business needs, to develop more engaging leaders.

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Here are some of the highlights from 443 managers gathered after 17 months of commencing ‘In Good Company’ in 2017. Our unique leadership development programme incorporates neuroscience, psychology and our own understanding of employees.

Reported seeing improvements in the behaviours of their managers (also enrolled on the programme)

Reported seeing improvements in the behaviours of their team members


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