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Bespoke Development

Training tailored to your team

Every organisation is unique, with its own unique culture, ways of working and the challenges it faces in its sector. Knowing this, means sometimes finding the right development programme for your leaders can feel like an impossible task, with no programme being ‘quite right’.

At The Engagement Coach, we understand that every organisation is different. How you need to engage with your leaders to develop them to be more engaging, will be different in every organisation. This is where we can help.

Bespoke Leadership Development

Using your data, we can review the key issues that need addressing in your organisation and work with you to develop a unique programme made for you. This can take the form of online video learning, face to face development sessions or a hybrid of the two. And don’t worry, if you want an online programme, we can provide you with access to our LMS, or create content to sit on your in-house platform.

We will identify the key areas of focus and using our knowledge of employee engagement, psychology and neuroscience, we will create a bespoke development programme for your leaders, to ensure it is relevant, valuable and impactful.

Our bespoke training programmes succeed due to our complete approach, focusing on:

Cultural Diagnostics

Creation of a unique programme

Support, analysis and assessment

The Engagement Coach

You might be wondering what makes us unique? Well, we’ve been there and have many t-shirts! We’ve got a combined experience of over 30 years in operations, leadership roles, as well as our own unique experiences in employee engagement. This is supplemented with our network of eminent psychologists and experts to support our great work.

Every organisation has its own culture, style and set of goals, and these often lead to unique issues that can inhibit engagement, motivation and productivity. When it comes to Bespoke Development Programmes, The Engagement Coach really will create something just for you. Whether that’s a video series, in-house coaching, designing and printing individual workbooks for your key leaders or something completely new and different, we can always find a way to help your leaders identify issues, understand them fully and then act to resolve them.

Call us today and see how we can help you create engaging content, to drive the behaviour changes to make your organisation an even more engaging place to work, delivering an even better performance.

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