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In Good Company

A new approach to
Leadership Development

There’s nothing like face-to-face training to really engage, practice and embed new learning. Finding time in busy schedules can be a real challenge. That’s why we’ve developed our blended learning approach. It incorporates our amazing leadership development programme called ‘In Good Company’, which has achieved fantastic results so far.

We’ve incorporated neuroscience, psychology and a BAFTA nominated screenwriter to create a highly engaging and impactful leadership development programme. The 10-online episodes are interspersed with three highly engaging face-to-face sessions, supported with high quality workbooks and materials.

In Good Company

Our Leadership Development programme is designed to take your key managers and leaders on a journey to address three main elements: Productivity, Talent and Customer Service.

Through a combination of online learning and face to face training, In Good Company uses real life examples to show common obstacles to better productivity, and how engaged leaders can not only overcome those obstacles, but turn them into advantages.

In Good Company consists of three modules that focus on improving:

Leadership skills

Team performance

Customer experience

Why does Leadership Development need to change?

We all know how valuable engaged, productive and inspiring leaders can be to our companies, but finding the time to pull those key members of staff away from their jobs to train them can be incredibly difficult.

In Good Company uses the technology we’re all so familiar with in day-to-day life, and uses it to give leaders and managers the flexibility to learn on their own terms.

Along with the flexibility of the course, it’s also focused not just on skills, but how to harness those skills to get the most out of each learner, and in turn for them to get the most out of their teams.

Online Episodes

The episodes follow the story of four characters, in a software company: Emerson Software Solutions. Each episode is no more than 15 minutes in length and this is broken down into the following:

  • The episode of In Good Company, made up of the story within Emerson Software Solutions, followed by analysis by an eminent Behavioural Psychologist, and then a review from the characters.
  • A short assessment to see how well you were watching the episode.

You will be provided with materials and workbooks to support your learning.

In Good Company is a 12-month development programme, allowing you time between episodes to reflect upon the learning, and for you to apply any insights gained, in practice.

Episodes one to four focus on the things that can affect our decision-making, our concentration and perspective, allowing us to make better decisions and improve our focus.

There is an additional episode which focuses on reflective practice and how to harness this important skill.

Episodes five to eight focus on the things that can impact upon our team and how we go about creating a high-performing team.

The last two episodes focus on how we can bring these elements together, to offer amazing customer service to both internal and external customers.

Face-to-face learning

In Good Company is a 12-month development programme, with three face-to-face sessions spread over the course of the programme. Each face-to-face session is designed to cause minimum disruption to the day job and maximum use of the time for impactful learning.

What makes In Good Company Different?

In Good Company is split into three modules, each including online videos and face to face training to provide managers and leaders the flexibility of training at the best time for them, as well as the dedicated support of an Engagement Coach expert.

The videos focus on real-life situations that will be very familiar, and have been written by a BAFTA shortlisted screenwriter, supported by eminent psychologists, making them thought-provoking, engaging and impactful.

What is learned through the videos is supported and built upon in the face to face sessions with Engagement Coach trainers, workbooks and a Reflective Journal designed to help learners explore what they’ve discovered and tailor it to their own unique role and personality.

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