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In Good Company Online

A new approach to
Leadership Development

Our ten-part online leadership development programme, is written by a BAFTA nominated screenwriter and follows the story of a fictitious company, Emerson Software Solutions. The characters might be fictional, but the science is real. We’ve enlisted eminent experts to comment on the action and underpin the drama with neuroscience and psychology. Each episode adds more to the developing story and includes a mix of office drama, professional commentary and assessments for managers to complete at the end of each episode.

With reviews and analysis by an eminent behavioural psychologist and an assessment at the end of each episode, it’s the most engaging tool for unlocking the potential of your leaders and managers, so that they in turn can do the same for the rest of your staff.

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In Good Company

This online programme uses real life examples to take your managers and leaders on a journey through the three main elements of organisational performance: Productivity, Talent and Customer Service.

Through the series, we see the pitfalls and problems that can impede performance in these areas, and show how engaged leaders can do more than overcome them, they can turn them into advantages.

The programme consists of three modules that focus on improving:

Your leaders

The performance of their teams

The experience of your customers

Why does Leadership Development need to change?

Leadership Development Training is often time intensive and difficult to fit into the demands of your normal working day, but when the benefits of engaged, inspiring leadership can make such a huge impact on your company, it’s almost an impossible choice.

With In Good Company’s purely online development course, you give your managers the ability to learn with total flexibility, giving them the training to develop as leaders without compromising their core activities.

In Good Company’s 10 part series of 20 minute episodes focus on not just developing skills, but how to harness them so that you can get the most out of every employee and team member as well as each leader.

The first four episodes of the series look at decision making, and things that can affect our concentration, perspective and choices so that we can improve focus and make better decisions.

There is also a bonus episode that looks at reflective practice, and how to develop this key skill to get the most out of your training.

Episodes five to eight focus on teamwork, how to work together and how to get the very best out of each member of your team.

The final two episodes show how all these elements can be brought together to ensure you’re providing incredible customer service to customers within your organisation and externally.

How it works

The episodes follow the story of four characters, in a software company: Emerson Software Solutions. Each episode is no more than 20 mins in length and this is broken down into the following:

  • Introduction video summarising the learning points from the previous episode.
  • The episode of In Good Company, made up of the story within Emerson Software Solutions, followed by analysis by an eminent Behavioural Psychologist, and then a review from the characters.
  • A short assessment to see how well you were watching the episode.
  • Finally, a short review highlighting key areas of focus that can impact upon us being our best, our team being their best, or providing the best customer service.

On the platform you will be provided with materials and resources to support your learning, in the form of three workbooks and a reflective journal.

In Good Company Online is a 12-month development programme, allowing you time between episodes to reflect upon the learning, and for you to apply any insights gained, in practice.


If you’re ready to start your journey to more engaged leaders, motivated staff and raised productivity, book your In Good Company course today.

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