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The Strategic Leader

Leaders with vision & purpose

Are your leaders working strategically? What’s your organisation’s Purpose and how is this demonstrated in what you do? How do the organisation’s values exhibit themselves in the workplace? How are your leaders providing strategic clarity to their teams?

These are the questions we help your leaders answer through The Strategic Leader development programme, which is recognised by the Institute of Leadership & Management

The Strategic Leader

This programme helps you understand how lifestyle and wellbeing can impact on the effectiveness of a leader and how you can make positive changes to improve this by teaching managers the skills and techniques to become more engaging leaders through understanding the psychology and neuroscience of human behaviour.

In this course you also learn the skills and techniques of coaching and self-reflection to improve decision-making and to gain a broader perspective, creating leaders who inspire, energise and empower their teams with a clear vision, purpose and role-modelling behaviours aligned to your organisation’s values.

The Strategic Leader focuses on the following areas:




Who is the programme aimed for?

Often we find organisations will review and realign their organisational Purpose and Values, but then struggle to immerse their leadership teams to understand how to demonstrate these through daily interactions.

Whether a newly appointed, or established in role, this programme will support any colleague looking to become a more engaging leader.

The programme delivery

The programme is made up of three modules: ‘The Foundations of Leadership’, ‘Creating a High Performing Team’ and ‘The Strategic Leader’ and is typically a 9-month programme. The programme is delivered face to face using our experienced trainers.

The whole programme is underpinned by your organisation’s values which we incorporate into the programme, as well as any insights from your employee engagement data, to help leaders and managers to understand the impact they have on their organisation, and the difference they can make to improving performance.

Module 1

The Foundations of Leadership

Module 2

Creating a High Performing Team

Module 3

The Strategic Leader

At the end of the programme, every leader will receive an ILM Recognised certificate (subject to full attendance), as well as a 12 month access to the ILM portal available on being enrolled on to the programme.

ILM Recognised

The Strategic Leader Development Programme is ILM Recognised

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