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Leadership Skills Training

3-Day Programme - The Engaging Leader

Spread over 3 separate, 1-day workshops in February, March and April 2020,
 ‘The Engaging Leader’ is an innovative leadership development programme from The Engagement Coach. 

From our work with some of the best-known brands across the UK, such as Bupa, Asda, Dunelm and the Royal College of Nursing, we have identified common themes that we've seen getting in the way of great leadership, great teams and great service.

These learnings are now available to you through our signature programme called 'The Engaging Leader' which includes access to 'In Good Company', our online development programme, written by a BAFTA nominated screenwriter, incorporating research from neuroscience, psychology and our own extensive experience in employee engagement.


Who Should Attend?

This programme is suitable for new, existing and aspiring leaders who are interested in developing their own leadership skills to become a more engaging leader. Over three days (25th February, 25th March and 29th April 2020) we will cover a number of topics that will incorporate neuroscience and psychology research to help you be at your best, help you create a high performing team, and together offer amazing customer service (to both internal and external customers).

You will also be provided with your own personal Birkman report, the assessment for which you will be asked to complete prior to the programme starting. 

Please note, it is essential that you are able to attend ALL three dates, as they collectively form the programme.


What's Included?

Three face-to-face workshops as outlined below. To support the workshops, you will receive your own personal Birkman report, as well as a Reflective Journal and printed workbooks.

Upon completion of the three workshops, you will then have access to a 12-month subscription of our unique online programme ‘In Good Company’. This is a 10-part mini TV series following the journey of four characters in a typical work environment, dealing with everyday challenges many of us are often faced with.

As well as access to the episodes, we have included detailed analysis of the interactions between the characters as they go on a journey to improve engagement, by an eminent Professor of Behavioural Science. The online episodes also include assessment questions and supporting interactive material.


Workshop Modules:

Workshop 1 – The Best of Me

If you’re not at your best, then how can you be a great leader? Our first module looks at the impact of lifestyle, diet and mindset on our ability to be a great leader. Beneath the psychology is a simple premise; if the leader is in good shape, both mentally and physically, then the team has a better chance of success.

We also explore the concept of ’needs at work’. This is supported through your own personal Birkman report identifying your needs at work, and the stress behaviours when these needs are not met. Finally, we introduce you to the concept of Reflective Practice, allowing you to understand the critical need to take time out to think, in an ever-demanding world, and how it can be pivotal to help with our perspective, and subsequent reactions.


 Workshop 2 – Creating a High Performing Team

The best teams consist of strong individuals who will have different skills, needs and behaviours. In this workshop, we focus on strategic clarity; as leaders, it is important to help your team understand the role they play in delivering the organisational strategy.

Through interactive exercises, we demonstrate how easily things can get lost in translation and therefore highlight the critical need for two-way communication to create a more engaging workplace.

Using insights from neuroscience and psychology, we help you recognise how you can create environments of trust that bring out the best of your teams, through building relationships to really get to know your teams, care for them and value them.

The focus is on the practical steps that can be taken to improve these areas, thereby improving the experience of your teams at work. We also revisit the ‘needs at work’, but from the perspective of your teams, to see how you can meet their ‘needs’, reducing their stress at work.


Workshop 3 – Delivering Amazing Customer Service

Great leaders with strong teams are unstoppable. Building on modules one and two, this module shows how when high performing teams are in tune with each other, the needs of customers (both internal and external) are inherently better understood, and infinitely better served.

Whether the focus is internal or external customers, how can we ensure we are providing the best customer service? In this workshop, we break down the critical components that influence customer experiences, from how the human brain makes decisions, to what dictates a great experience. We also explore the needs of customers, following on from the concept introduced in workshop one.


Additional Information

Each workshop will be held at Warwick Conferences. Registration opens at 10:30am with the workshops starting at 11:00am until 3:00pm. Lunch and refreshments will also be provided throughout the day.

Please note, it is essential that you are able to attend ALL three dates, as they collectively form the programme.

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