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Organisational Values & Purpose Workshops

Identifying Your North Star

Why do organisations exist? Whilst every organisation needs to make money to operate, what is your organisation trying to achieve? How will the world be a better place when you achieve it? 

Your purpose will act as a North Star, being a constant source of guidance, energy and motivation, allowing for the development of an aligned strategy. 

We facilitate sessions with employees across your organisation allowing you to identify why you exist, and the real value your organisation adds to the wider world. We’re not into fancy straplines, but getting to the heart of what matters most, allowing you to share a passion that resonates with everyone. 

Your values shape your thoughts, and your thoughts shape your behaviours. Understanding what your organisation values, and shaping this can help create the culture you desire. Working with your organisation, we can help identify the behaviours that will help demonstrate your values, to ensure these are brought to life through the daily interactions across your organisation.


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