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TEC Academy

Let the Experts Give You a Helping Hand

Whether you’ve just been promoted, new to role, or an established manager or leader, how can you stay up -to-date on the latest insights and theories to ensure you’re at your best and leading your team in the best way for them? We’ve created the TEC Academy, bringing together all of our expertise in leadership and management development. 

here’s what you get:

Expert Insights

Wouldn’t it be great to have your own Professor to advise you in how to navigate the world of work, to provide insights from neuroscience and psychology in how to improve relationships at work, to create a more trusting environment, to involve people more and to ensure you are set up for success by looking after yourself? Our Expert Insights hub does just that. 

Initially starting with 25 short videos (approx. 5 mins each), covering topics from for example, change management, trust, inclusion, optimum performance and mindset. We are constantly adding to the videos and they host some of the most prominent academics in their field across the UK, to provide insights and thoughts, allowing leaders and managers to reflect on how they can change the way they work to be more effective.

In Good Company Online

'In Good Company' is our 10-part TV-drama series written by a BAFTA-nominated screenwriter, following the journey of four characters at Emerson Software Solutions, delivered through an online learning platform. The characters might be fictional, but the science is real. We’ve enlisted eminent experts to comment on the action and underpin the drama with neuroscience and psychology. Each episode adds more to the developing story and includes a mix of office drama, professional commentary, and assessments for managers to complete at the end of each episode.

Each learner will be provided with online interactive workbooks and an interactive reflective journal.

'In Good Company' Online provides 12-months unlimited access to our specially developed leadership programme, allowing learners to revisit as many times as required, to refresh their learning. Each episode is no more than 20 mins in length ensuring maximum concentration and focus.

The programme has been recognised by CIPD and awarded Finalists in the People Management Awards 2020, for the ‘Best Learning & Development Initiative in the Private Sector’, the LPI for the Learning Awards 2020 for ‘Innovation in Learning’, and Shortlisted in the HR Excellence Awards for the ‘Best Employee Engagement Strategy’.

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30 Day Manager

These short audio files have been created to help new to role managers. Being no longer than 5-6 mins each, the audio files focus on areas such as time management, authentic leadership, self-care, decision-making, managing meetings and coaching. 

The aim is to listen to one audio file each day, which is accompanied by supporting information for reference, and to apply the insights from the topic, to your work. During the first 30 days, it’s important that new managers feel comfortable and confident in what they are doing and why. This practical solution will support managers to focus on the things that really matter providing insights in a short but straight to the point manner.


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